Making Ringtones with GarageBand

Making a ringtone for your iPhone is pretty simple. Apple has set up GarageBand to crank out ringtones for you and send them directly to iTunes where they will be loaded onto your iPhone as soon as you sync. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create a GarageBand Project

Open GarageBand and select Create New Music Project. Type in a name for your GarageBand project. It helps to label the GarageBand project exactly as you want your ringtone to be labelled. Then hit Create in the lower right corner and a GarageBand project window will appear.

Step 2: Add Sounds

If you’re familiar with Garageband you can create your own jingle with the vast array of software instruments it offers. They’re too many to cover here but there are many good tutorials on the web. You can also add sounds from the GarageBand audio clip library. Click on the Loop Browser button in the lower left corner with an eye symbol on it.

In the latest version of GarageBand it’s located in the right corner.

 This will show you a library of audio clips you can choose from. Pick one of the categories and double click on the name of a clip to preview it.

Find one you think would make a cool ringtone and drag it to the grey empty project area where it says “Drag Apple Loops here.” GarageBand will create a new track and add the clip. If you press play you can now hear your clip.

Step 3: Setting the Length

iPhone ringtone files must be under 30 seconds in length. Most of the Apple Loops are much shorter than this but we will show you how to set the length in case you want to add some other clips of your own later. Under the top menu Control, select Show Time in LCD. Now the timeline at the top of the project window is displaying increments of time. If your clip goes over 30 seconds you’ll have to find a good spot in the clip to end it.

Push the Loop button to set the length of the clip. An adjustable yellow bar will appear in the timeline. You can grab this bar at the end and stretch it to the desired length of your ringtone.

Press play now and your ringtone will play in a loop just like it will on your iPhone.

That’s it! You’re done!

Under the top Share menu select Send Song to iTunes for an mp3 version, and then select Send Ringtone to iTunes for an m4r iPhone ringtone file version. When you Sync your iPhone you will find your new ringtone under Sounds in the Settings Menu.

Hint: If you want to share your cool new custom made ringtones with your friends or upload them to you can find their locations on your hard drive by right clicking on them in iTunes and selecting Show in Finder.